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March 6th, 1998 - Hannah Abbott

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June 6th, 2003

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01:35 pm - March 6th, 1998
I'm an aunt again. Ann had her baby late yesterday evening, as was told in the owl I recieved from Mum this morning. Only thing is, Mum was so excited about having another grandchild and she was going on and on about my sister's labour (thanks Mum, I really needed to know all the little details...), and about how Trevor was all nervous and when they got "the call", that she forgot to mention whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl!

I mean, honestly. Isn't that the first thing one would write when telling someone about the birth of a child? So, I've got to write Mum back (as I'm sure poor Ann is swamped at the moment) and ask. I'm kind of hoping it's a boy this time, as I've already got three nieces (Gwen's daughters). But just as long as it's healthy and all that, I really don't mind.

So yes. That was the event of the day.

I'm rather annoyed right now, as its high time for a Quidditch practice and our bloody captain is nowhere to be found. Again. Gah. Sometimes I wonder how he even got to be captain in the first place. Perhaps I'll go see if Justin wants to go out for a bit. Just as long as he doesn't go on and on and on with those terrible jokes of his. I can stand them the first couple times around, but that's it.

Now. Where did I lay my broom down to?
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