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Hannah Abbott

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November 9th, 2003

02:59 am - August 9th, 1998
Well. It's been a month.

And I'm getting better. Slowly, but surely, I'm beginning to heal.

And as much as I hate to be pessimistic, I don't think I'll ever be quite the same person again....

But Mum and Dad are taking me on a trip to Austria next week for two weeks. Fourteen days of trying to get back to the activities I love but haven't done in ages, such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, rafting and skydiving.

I can't wait. I need to get away from things here for a bit, I think.
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: 50 Cent - "21 Questions"

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October 5th, 2003

12:27 pm - July 5th, 1998
Well, I'm home.

I have not spoken a word since my arrival. No one's asked me to talk. I've heard Mum saying that "when I'm ready" I'll start acting like my normal self again.

When I'm ready? Ha. I'm sure everyone's expecting me to come out of this melancholy mood I'm in soon. But that won't be the case. After all, I lost three of my best friends this year. Sally Anne, Susan and Justin. It's just Ernie and me left, now.

I know it's been a few weeks since the battle, but... This is going to take quite a while for me to come to grips with.

At least I'm getting better physically. The bump on my head has disappeared, and I can get the bandages taken off my arms tomorrow.

Mentally, though, I'm a whole different story.
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: Shania Twain - "No One Needs To Know"

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September 8th, 2003

04:02 pm - June 8th, 1998
I think I now have officially run Madame Pomfrey out of those calming potions.


Sad, no? I know I need to lighten up and not be stressed about every little thing. But I can't help it! I will be so thankful once the exams (and my eighteenth birthday, which is on Friday!) are over.

Next week can't come fast enough.
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: Jade - "Victim of Love"

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August 24th, 2003

07:15 pm - May 24th, 1998
So, yeah. N.E.W.Ts are soon. I can't concentrate on studying. Not when one of my best friends confessed to murder.

I think I need another dose of those Calming Draughts. They worked wonders for me in fifth year, when I was worried about my O.W.Ls. Perhaps they'll do the same for me now.
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Van Morrison - Domino

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August 11th, 2003

03:54 pm - May 11th, 1998
Nononono. This has to be some kind of a cruel joke. It simply has to be.

Sally didn't kill anybody. She said she did, but she didn't. It's not possible.
Current Mood: in denial

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July 31st, 2003

01:40 pm - April 30th, 1998
I'm worried (and a little confused, I'll admit) as to the way Sally's been acting these past couple days. It's incredibly not like her to be so... uptight, I suppose, about things. And she acts like she's guilty over something. But she hasn't done anything to be guilty of... Has she?

No. She's one of my best friends. She would've told me about something like that.

Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Laura Pausini - Surrender

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July 26th, 2003

11:44 pm - April 26th, 1998
There has been another death. Another murder. A Ravenclaw, this time. Su Li, a fellow seventh-year. I can't believe it.

And the way they say she died... Fell off her broomstick when it was hit with a curse. Broke her neck. How horrible!

And whomever killed her wrote nasty things about her in her own blood and pinned the piece of paper to her robes. How... words just can't describe that.

Although my fellow Hufflepuffs are in shock over this news, I'm sure it's nothing compared to what the Ravenclaws are going through. And I know what that feeling feels like, as all of our house went through it when Jasper was killed.

Good lord. Another death. Another killing of a Muggleborn. WIll it ever stop?
Current Mood: shockedshocked

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July 6th, 2003

02:20 pm - April 6th, 1998
I don't know what to think anymore.

Not a good realisation, as the war has finally hit here. Death Eaters roaming the hallways, duelling with professors, kidnapping innocent people...

And we have two more months stuck here?
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go

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June 26th, 2003

02:10 pm - March 26th, 1998
Nonononono. This can't be happening. This can't have happened.

Jasper. Dead. Murdered. Right here. In his room, just a minute or so from mine.

I-I... I don't know what to say or what to do. Haven't done anything since they told me this morning. Have been sitting here, not talking to anyone.

I feel... empty. Hollow. In denial, perhaps. Numb, shocked. There are no tears, yet. But they will come. Oh dear Merlin. Jasper...

How could this have happened here? I thought Hogwarts was supposed to be one of, if not the safest place around. But apparently that's not the case anymore. And I am incredibly frightened by that fact. What if something like this happens again?
Current Mood: shockedshocked
Current Music: Silence

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June 6th, 2003

01:35 pm - March 6th, 1998
I'm an aunt again. Ann had her baby late yesterday evening, as was told in the owl I recieved from Mum this morning. Only thing is, Mum was so excited about having another grandchild and she was going on and on about my sister's labour (thanks Mum, I really needed to know all the little details...), and about how Trevor was all nervous and when they got "the call", that she forgot to mention whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl!

I mean, honestly. Isn't that the first thing one would write when telling someone about the birth of a child? So, I've got to write Mum back (as I'm sure poor Ann is swamped at the moment) and ask. I'm kind of hoping it's a boy this time, as I've already got three nieces (Gwen's daughters). But just as long as it's healthy and all that, I really don't mind.

So yes. That was the event of the day.

I'm rather annoyed right now, as its high time for a Quidditch practice and our bloody captain is nowhere to be found. Again. Gah. Sometimes I wonder how he even got to be captain in the first place. Perhaps I'll go see if Justin wants to go out for a bit. Just as long as he doesn't go on and on and on with those terrible jokes of his. I can stand them the first couple times around, but that's it.

Now. Where did I lay my broom down to?
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue

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